Lash and Wax OC

Wax Pad + SMA Eraser


Think dry eraser but Wax Pad and SMA safe!

  • REMOVE SCUFFS, MARKS, & DIRT - Our wax pad eraser sponge quickly and effectively removes scuffs from your Wax Pad & SMA 
  • REINFORCED THICK CORE FOR DURABILITY - Extra thick sponges are made extremely durable with a reinforced core making them one of the best Wax Pad accessories. Erase marks with an improved textured surface which helps lift and erase.
  • CLEAN NEARLY ANY SURFACE - Lift away dirt and marks from shoes, walls, kitchen, baseboards, and much more! The cleaning power and durability of our erasers outmatch the competition and can be used on nearly any surface.
  • CHEMICAL FREE CLEAN - Avoid using harsh chemicals in your salon or suite that get washed into the environment when you can easily use your eraser to quickly remove scuffs, stains, and marks. Our sponges DO NOT contain bleach or harsh chemicals!