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Rebel Hard Wax - 100g Sample Size Bags


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The MOST cost effective, waxer friendly, made by a waxer HARD wax on the market! We have four different hard waxes to fit yours and your clients needs while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. Our hard waxes are beginner and speed waxer friendly, are low cost to help your profit margins sore. We offer wholesale prices without having to buy bulk.

Pink Shimmer: Our original, and most popular, hard wax. She is pink, shimmery, and has a light floral scent that even our most scent sensitive clients will enjoy!

Blue Gummy: Our YUMMIEST scent, think your favorite candy store. She is a light subtle blue, smooth consistency, and can be mixed with our Pink Shimmer to create a perfect lavender color.

Coconut: Our NEWEST wax, with a creamy texture, slightly different from our other hard wax formulas. She is smells like a tropical beach day, is for all hair types but will preform best on course hair. With a faster drying time, If you live in a warmer climate or your treatment room tends to run warm, Coconut is the wax for you! This creamy wax is beginner friendly.

Clear: Unscented, clear, and loved by all. She goes with any aesthetic, any style, and is for any client!